Our Process

Our goal is to provide you with a holistic service to take your vision, make it a reality, and get it out to customers.

Step 1: Idea You have an idea! Lets discuss your vision and get it down on paper. We can provide you with a Non Disclosure Agreement to keep your vision confidential.

Step 2: Planning Our professional graphics designer will work with you to produce an amazing user interface and icon. Our systems design specialist will
then work with you on functionality.

Step 3: Development With the interface and function description complete, we then turn it over to an experienced programmer to make your vision a reality.
Frequent test releases let you see the final product take shape and give your feedback.

Step 4: Marketing Marketing starts before the programming is finished. We provide you with a full suite of social media accounts, a profile page for your product, and a tailored resources package to entice potential customers. We provide 6 months* professional marketing services to guide you through setting the price point and building revenue.

* Ongoing services after 6 months are available by arrangement.